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Research interests

Numerical linear algebra, (generalized) eigenvalue problems, (generalized) singular value problems, numerical rang, Krylov methods, subspace methods, iterative methods, generalized Davidson and Jacobi–Davidson algorithms, Tikhonov regularisation, ill-posed problems, mathematical software.


E-mail: zwaan at math dot uni dash wuppertal dot de
Phone: +49 202 439-3529


GitHub, Google Scholar, ResearchGate, ORCID.



Zwaan, I. N., Towards a more robust algorithm for computing the restricted singular value decomposition. arXiv:2002.04828, pdf.

Frommer, A., Jacob, B., Kahl, K., Wyss, C., and Zwaan, I. N., Krylov type methods exploiting the quadratic numerical range. arXiv:1912.10765.

Zwaan, I. N., Cross product–free matrix pencils for computing generalized singular values. arXiv:1912.08518, pdf.

Zwaan, I. N. and Hochstenbach, M. E., Generalized Davidson and multidirectional-type methods for the generalized singular value decomposition. arXiv:1705.06120.

Hochstenbach, M. E., and Zwaan, I. N., Matrix balancing for field of values type inclusion regions. Electron. Trans. Numer. Anal., submitted.

Refereed journal papers

Zwaan, I. N. and Hochstenbach, M. E., Krylov-Schur type restarts for the two-sided Arnoldi method. SIAM J. Matrix Anal. Appl. 38.2 (2017), pp. 297–321, doi:10.1137/16M1078987. pdf.

Zwaan, I. N., and Hochstenbach, M. E., Multidirectional subspace expansion for one-parameter and multiparameter Tikhonov regularization. J. Sci. Comput. 70.3 (2017), pp. 990–1009, doi:10.1007/s10915-016-0271-0. Open access.

Non-refereed proceedings papers

Gonzales, L., Huijssen, K., Jha, R., van Leeuwen, T., Sbrizi, A., van Valenberg, W., Zwaan, I. N., de Weerdt, E., Patient-adaptive compressed sensing for MRI. Proceedings of the 106th European Study Group Mathematics with Industry, 2015. pdf.

Banagaaya, N., Budko, N., van Doorn, H., Khimshiashvili, G., Klooster, R., Lindenbergh, PJ., Verdijck, J., Vermolen, F., and Zwaan, I. N., The Mathematics of French Fries. Proceedings of the 98th European Study Group Mathematics with Industry, 2014. pdf.

Van Leeuwen, T., Sbrizzi, A., and Zwaan, I. N., Beeldreconstructie in MRI met compressed sensing. NAW, 5/17.2 (June 2016), pp. 114-118. pdf.


Zwaan, I. N., Generalized Krylov methods for large-scale matrix problems. PhD thesis, 2017. Repository TU/e, pdf.

Zwaan, I. N., Compressed Sensing accelerated radial acquisitions for dynamic Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Master thesis, 2012.